Dis Rup Tive @ I’Klectic Art Lab, Lambeth – October 2015

Delighted to be invited to be part of this exciting group of artist and exhibit with them at the I’Klectic Cafe and Gallery.


Dis Rup T ive Invite

Re-Purpose is the result of part performance and part artist response.  Set as a blank canvas in the Dis Rup Tive exhibition at the I’Klectic, the public were invited to make marks in response to emerging art being exhibited in run down areas of the city.  Participants were asked to consider aspects of renewal and re-purpose along side issues of visiting hard to reach and in some cases threatening parts of the capital in relationship with the draw of seeing new & contemporary art.

Initially I’d planned to respond to the results of the above by highlighting interesting marks, but this seemed fraudulent & instead I worked process cyan in all manner of methods creating a map of the major roads Shoreditch to New Cross.