Kan Kan Collective: Con – Fusion @ Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch – January 2016

“Con – Fusion, an exciting exhibition showcasing the widely diverse art of KAN KAN visual artists’ collective. Graduates of the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, here the similarity ends. In this, KAN KAN’s debut show, you’ll see sculpture, installation, painting, printmaking and photography.
Whimsical; physical; boldly beautiful; vivid; experimental; for the senses and for the eye – always fun and thought-provoking – come and see for yourself.”
KAN KAN artists: Alison McFadden, Carolyn MacLeod, Chris Holley, Debra-Lorraine Grant, Diana Burch, Dominique Goodwin, Fran Webster, Jenny Rickman, Katherine Peeke, Lizy Bending, Louise Scillitoe-Brown, Morwenna Lake, Pippa Ward, Susan Bates Little

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