Insignia ~ Degrees of Freedom ~ St Augustine’s Tower, Hackney 2018

Friends of Interpretable Spaces ~ Degrees of Freedom Exhibition ~ St Augustine’s Tower, Hackney.

The tower, a focal point in the centre of Hackney was built in 1157 as the bell tower for the church, which was demolished once a much larger one was built nearby, for the growing population.

Insignia, explores the heraldic tradition to represent the social and economic history of Hackney through the last 200 years to the present and includes sections of the existing coat of arms to reference Hackney’s older foundations. The work is presented as flags playing with the tower location, points of the compass and the strong updraft into the belfry – an internal weather vane.

Insignia - Friends of Interpretable Spaces - Louise Scillitoe-Brown

Insignia all together Louise Sciliitoe-Brown Interpretable Spaces