Mixed Messages 2020

Red Cube – Frensham

This installation plays with mixing colours and filtering light.

Some filters are in the primary colours: magenta, cyan and process yellow. These combine as they overlap creating green, purple and orange. The mirrors at the back reflect the view opposite filtered through the segmented colours.

There are several mirrors so it is possible to see the sections of colour, reflection of the view opposite and possibly yourself, whatever your height.

The other filters are made up of ‘pre-mixed’ colours: orange, ultramarine, scarlet, green; which when combined either filter-out the light completely or make brown.  That is because all or most of the colours in the spectrum will have been blocked.

A large mirror at the bottom both bounces the light back into the space and reflects the whole installation making it look as if it disappears though the bottom of the Red Cube. 

The Red Cube Gallery, Frensham, one of three de-commissioned telephone boxes in the village which have been converted into a gallery, museum and information centre.

Photo credit: Diana Burch
Photo credit: Diana Burch
Photo credit: Diana Burch