Polychromy, Linear Gallery, UCA, Farnham 2014

Polychromy is taken from Le Corbusier’s reference to Architectural Polychromy.  It is one of a series of Spatial Environments which include physical zones of colour and pools of coloured light, using spectrum contrasts to emphasise each area.  These zones of colour are revealed and concealed as the viewer walks past the work. The Spatial Environments respond to the architecture in which they are placed.

The main themes of my research link architectural spaces and virtual environments, exploring these through the spatial use of paint; the coloured light referencing data transmission via electro-magnetic waves and optical fibre.

IMG_5082 IMG_5072 IMG_5070  IMG_5068 IMG_5066  IMG_4978 crop web IMG_4986 crop web  IMG_5055  IMG_5057

IMG_4974  IMG_4932  IMG_4948

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