Standing in the Light ~ Guildford Cathedral ~ May – June 2018

Site specific piece created for Guildford Cathedral for KanKan Collective’s exhibition Standing in the Light May 24th – June 21st 2018. ┬áThis piece works with the projection and reflection of light, discussing the gifts of light and sight and playing with colour contrasts and the act of using paint on canvas to communicate ideas. ┬áThe work had to be moveable to accommodate the Cross Bearer during services and could be repositioned to make the most the light streaming into the Cathedral.

Son of Tim 2.6 x 2.1m

Son of Tim - Standing in the light - Guildford Cathedral - Louise Scillitoe-Brown.jpg IMG_20180611_124926848_HDR Son of Tim - final touches with me

Watercolour sketches:

Angle of Incidence; Illuminating : Luminous; Spectacular : Diffuse


3 watercolours