The Truth Detectives ~ Space 36 ~ June 2018

Challenged with creating work about ourselves…

‘How I got here…’ 
What is here that is of me: A fascination with light, especially how light collects colour as it reflects off surfaces.  A deep rooted connection with fabric.  Precise and gestural marks, dry skittering snags of paint and smooth luxurious fluid lines.  Translucent or opaque. Paint on canvas – used to convey ideas since the Pharaohs.  I use this wonky, flawed material to create light reflecting, engineered installations.  How would you use it?  Let your imagination ride on this flying carpet or shelter under its canopy reflecting on your dreams.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
2.75 x 2.75x


IMG_2535 IMG_2545

20180616_160548 IMG_2563 IMG_2565 IMG_2571

‘One of these mornings…’  

“The chance to be immersed in a passion can provide a much longed for opportunity, it can heal, it allows flight.

Families are complicated and maybe not that interesting unless you’re part of the one in question, suffice to say that, thanks to careful management, my parents left their three offspring enough for something significant.  For me that was studying Fine Art full-time, a yearn held since my early-teens.  Life changing.
Medium: My father’s tax papers – what would you use instead?


One of these mornings - The Truth Detectives - Space36 - Louise Scillitoe-Brown