We’re all cut from the same cloth ~ Crouch End Festival & Leith Hill Place Residency ~ 2017

Invited by Ahmed Farooqui into a collective of international artists – Brexit&Me – to develop a non-political response to Brexit over three exhibitions, the first being Waiting to Exhale opened as part of the Crouch End Festival, which explored how divorcing our European family made us feel about home.

We’re all cut from the same cloth references flags, but not national flags.  The designs instead source the heraldic tradition and trade guilds, which are evident in much of Europe, and allude to shared allegiances and to the many interests and projects that cross national boundaries. The patterns also reference Modernism, with its underlying principals of collaboration and the embracing of a bright new future.

The following shows in reverse order We’re all cut from the same cloth installed as cushions initially (embracing the domestic setting and playing with the idea of a ‘Soft’ Brexit) as installed in Waiting to Exhale and then un-picked and combined as a single piece in the Drawing Room at Leith Hill Place part of two month residency during summer 2017.

We're all made of the same cloth We're all cut... c:w Pippa's foot sketchbook i IMG_2044 IMG_2043 IMG_2039 IMG_2038