Stand 2019


The definitions of stand are many – take two: 

  • A group of growing plants of a specified kind, especially trees. 
  • A determined effort to resist or fight for something.

Despairing at the state of our broken society, whilst walking through fields watching spring arrive, I realised that the seasons will continue to turn, nature will renew its self, we will heal.  I marvelled at the mathematical patterns repeating through many aspects of what surrounds us, branching fractals, dendriform.  A tree became a representation of society, an elaborate dividing system that works as a whole.  One can’t take an element of that system in isolation and consider it whole, each part is vital – and – this is how society should be, each voice considered, everyone, wherever in the structure they exist must count or the tree is incomplete.  All respected, all in balance, worth standing for.  Balance is Beauty.