Moon Series 2019

The Moon Series combines moon facts gathered through research & many conversations with leading academics and other well-informed people in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo11 mission. The drawings are created by taking Indian ink through different processes that have relevance to the facts.  Indian ink is colloidal carbon and is an element.  Some also in include a little acrylic and wax as a pun.

Since starting at art school in 2009 Louise Scillitoe-Brown (LSB) has focused much of her practice on an exploration of how our society has been changed by new technological developments.   This investigation is fuelled by a fascination with light and colour, so working with the greyscale that carbon affords is a departure for her.  

Although LSB selects materials that are relevant to the subject being explored, much of her work is built from recycled construction materials and canvas.  These resources are used spatially, holding pockets of physical colour and projecting zones of reflected coloured light, as a simile for the way mobile data and communication is conveyed using electromagnetic waves ~ light.

Her research is moving towards a greater understanding of the physics that govern our planet, solar systems and beyond and she is developing work that encompasses these ideas and her ongoing observation of society.  

As small child she was allowed to stay up to watch first the circumnavigation of the moon and then the lunar landing – it seemed that anything was possible – it triggered a fascination with rocks and geology – but also a searching to understand the qualities of the astronauts, the glamour, courage and excellence embodied by these mere mortals that seemed to grow exponentially.  

With many thanks to Prof Craig Underwood: Surrey Space Centre; Watts Gallery; Royal Society; Zoe Morland: OU; Matt Prior: SHM and many others for their interest and information.